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eye-mail is a program that notify when you receive a new e-mail message.

eye-mail notify the new messages by means of a window, a sound, or others advanced options such as an application launching.

You can use eye-mail with all available e-mail clients; these clients will be automatically open when you want to read the new message.

2007, August 10: released version 3.3!

  • IMAP4 support!
  • Rebuilt on lastest Delphi 2007

2006, September 28: released WinSMS 1.0 as part of eye-mail. It allows to send free SMS messages, and it includes Win32 porting of SmsSend. (Update: 2007, August 10) But now I use a better utility: MoioSMS

2005, August 25: released version 3.2.1

  • Now it is possible to enable/disable each single account

2004, December 30: released version 3.2

  • Memory use and program speed optimization
  • Enhanched Windows XP theme support

2004, March 1st: released version 3.1

  • You can delete SPAM messages directly from the servers
  • Windows XP theme support
  • Source code freely released!

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Screenshot 1

Screenshot 1: notify window

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 2: tray-icon notify

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